Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's a Bird

Don't know the name of this tiny bird yet. I caught it today. Brought it inside the house to show Fospa. Fospa said " Inul it's still a kid. A very young kid. Theerefooree.....we just have to let it free". However before Fospa let it flew away he took this picture for posterity. (Hah..humans!)

14th Trip Back Kuching

Today I'm a bit playful (see inset). While playing around at the front door grille I almost fell down. I guess falling down is nothing for us cats. Hmmmm
So we are back in Kuching again. Fospa has been very very busy recently and thus couldn't take a break to blog about our 14 trip back Kuching. Well today is Sunday and fospa promised to do just that...have our story posted again. Below are pictures taken during the journey to Kuching. We left Bintulu around 8.45am and arrived Kuching by 7.00 pm. The whole journey was fine and the car's air-conditioning tip top.

Me, at my favourite jump seat. Mama Daisy slept for most of the journey.

It's routine now. Fospa took time to come close to the Cassia Javanica blooms at the roadside near Roban. He was so pleased because at last he managed to take a good cu shot of the blooms.

Mama Daisy sensing that Kuching is just another 30 minutes away decided to have a better view of the town of Serian. Here we've just passed the town of Serian . See the Durian Fruit Icon just slightly above Mama's head? Serian is the only town in Sarawak that has the Durian Fruit as the town's Icon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Inul at Play

Let me out of here , please.!

Caution: Playing in the net has its risk.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to catch a tree lizard

My Adventure Today:

-To Catch a Tree Lizard -

Act 1 : Strike with Paws

Act 2 : Bite with Teeth

Act 3 : Walk Tall on Paws

To Bintulu on 14th trip

On the 27th of April, we took to the road again to Bintulu making it our 14th trip there. The whole journey was fine and the weather throughout was cloudy. We left Kuching at 9.00 am and arrived at our farm in a bit of darkness around 7.30 pm.
This time around we broke the journey midway at the town of Sarikei. Fospa took the opportunity to take pictures of the Sarikei express boat terminal. We skipped the town of Sibu but had a good rest at Selangau, a small town between Sibu and Tatau. Selangau would be our last leg in this 10 hours long journey. The picture (inset) shows me and mama having a rest at the car park in Selangau which is near to a river. The picture of the river is shown below, too.

Sarikei Express Boat Terminal

Kids having fun swimming in the river next to the Selangau town.