Thursday, August 28, 2008

How We Travell

Mama Daisy is grooming me. Inul hardly sleeps during this 9th trip to Btu. Einstein ( not seen in the picture) has no problem sleeping throughout  the long journey . We left Kuching at 10 am on 27 August and arrived Bintulu at 7.00 pm. Throughout the journey the weather was cloudy and we experienced rain only along the  Sibu to Bintulu stretch. The wet roads slightly slowed down our journey.
As we came down the mountain to enter the plains towards Sri Aman town, we saw this marvellous stretch of hills and mountains at the distance.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watching Einstein sleep

Little sister Inul loking pretty

At seven months old, Inul is the fastest climber, cries and screams the loudest. And is bigger than me, though I would be eleven months old come next week.

Inul and Einstein are 7 months old today

Today both Inul and Einstein are seven months old. They are both bigger in size and weight than Macy Grey.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Macy Grey's Eyes

Me in the Dark.

Einstein in Hiding?

Einstein is just so naughty. He's playing hide and seek with us. His special trick is to hide underneath the blanket.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photography Session

Just the other day we had a marvellous time being photographed.  Here's me, caught unguarded.
Einstein  is partly admiring the scent and partly dreaming. Well' looks like.

Inul and Einstein have recovered

I am very happy to see that both Inul and Einstein have recovered from their operation.  Inul is exceptionally gifted in bringing back this pet toy once thrown at a distance, she would hold it in between her teeth and passed it back asking for another throw.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Together

I saw Inul and Einstein just now so...Happy Together....
(P.S. The pix is taken 23 hours after operation)

Words of Comfort

INUL - my little sister is a SURVIVOR. In less than twenty four hours after the sterilisation operation, she is now her super active self. Just now ( 20 hours after operation) she has done a good licking job of her incision wounds and looks on the way to an excellent recovery. While on bed I gave her words of comfort. "Dear Sis, your belly will gonna be fine. Soon this episode will be behind us. Be patient and Stay Cool ", that's what I told her in plain English.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Inul and Einstein Sterilised

At about 5.30 pm yesterday(4/8) Inul and Einstein were taken out from the veterinarian clinic at Mile 7 after they had the sterilisation operation done. The cost for female spaying was RM 60 and gelding for Einstein cost RM 40 . When leaving the clinic they were totally unconscious , placed in a large box and when arriving home were still unconscious. The first to recover from their unconscious state was Inul at around 7.30 pm and about half an hour later, Einstein.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Morning run encounter

In Bintulu, we were trained to do the morning run. It was a routine we always looked forward to.  Here's Einstein encountering a giant millipede while on the run.  He stopped for a while to play with it and then left it alone to move on with its millions of legs!!!!!

Today I am Ten Months Old

Today's special coz I am ten months old.  This is my special birthday pix taken at the front porch of our house in Kuching. There are a few pixes that were taken in Bintulu just before our departure to Kuching.  These are shown below to compare my size with Einstein ( who is the biggest now) and Inul who has catched up with me size wise.
The age difference between me and the two buddies is four ( 4) months.

Friday, August 1, 2008

We are on our way back to Kuching!

We left Bintulu at about 9.40 am yesterday (Thursday,31st July). The car airconditioning was perfect. It was so cold that at times we cuddled against each other to get more warmth ( Einstein has found his favourite sleeping haven on the passenger seat and is not seen in the pix) We are happy to be at the jump seat .
From here I get to see a frontal view of Sibu town. Well, that's Eden Inn on the left.
We had a pit stop at Sibu town for lunch. On the menu was Tuna and Salmon. Hmmm...tastes excellent.
The above is a picture to show the extent of Sibu Central Market. I think it is the biggest market in Sarawak. Even Kuching, the capital city doesn't have one so huge like this.
On this return trip back to Kuching, we did not encounter any single drop of rain. Totally dry and sunny throughout the length of the journey.
Here's me taken out for a short photo session. I had a picture taken at this same spot when I was a tiny little kitten months ago :)

Early Morning Run

For the last two weeks in Bintulu, we were taught to do early morning run.  The guidelines are simple. At about 6.30 am everyone of us will be waiting at the back door for our foster parent to open it.  Wait outside by the garden steps. Get ready to run when our foster parent shout " OK Let's go , Geng!". Then run and try to outpace the leader of the pack. Finish the run .  Back to the house.  When served food, eat as much as you can. Sometimes, though Inul may get a little bit exhausted and needed to rest as in the above picutre.