Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to Kuching - 15th Trip ( Part 2 )

Scenes along the way
( Above : At Sri Aman rest area)

Selangau is a growing small town mainly due to the fact that it is the gateway to Mukah town from the Pan Borneo Highway. The Selangau - Mukah road is now under reconstruction.

Selangau is a convenient stopover after travelling about an hour and a half from Bintulu, mainly to cool off the tyres and engine.

At At the Selangay rest area while fospa & fosma had their cup of tea and coffee break. I too had a good look of the place and enjoyed our snack of barbecued tuna done yesterday at Bintulu.

For most of the journey I didn't sleep. However at times I took to the arms of fosma for comfort.

Back to Kuching - 15th Trip ( Part 1 )

On Monday, our car got ready to leave the farm. With everything properly packed and secured to last a 10 hours journey to Kuching. This is our 15 th trip back Kuching after about a month stay in Bintulu. Fospa was adamant, " Inul, we need to be in Kuching by the 1st of July. You see I need to pay my fees for the second semester, get my textbook early and do reading quickly to pass up the assignment by 6th July. OK! Hope in! Here we go!"
Mama Daisy having a last look at our home, looking sad to leave Bintulu as normally she does.

" Inul, look here! You're on candid camera"

There was a heavy rain at our home last night and the climb out of the farm may prove tricky as the slopes are slippery. Wells's that fospa's job to negotiate. I would as normal scream the loudest when the journey gets rough and bumpy up the slope :00))
More stories of this journey later in Part 2 and 3. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 29, 2009

MY Photo of the Day

Here's me looking chubbier each day.
(P.S. Inul at 1 Yr & 5 Months)

Sleeping on Edge

Mama Daisy showing off her special stunt of the day......Sleeping on Edge.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Me at the XRoads

Have been busy lately at the farm. Here I have the chance to sniff
the 'Ong Lumok' fruit or Buah Terap. My fospa adores this fruit. This one comes right from the farm. Have you been wondering what I did this holiday? I'm at the crossroads, high on air. Which way shall I go?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bintulu- Here we come!

On the 7th of Jun, we made our 15th trip to Bintulu.  With this trip we touched the 17,400 km mark.  On board our car was another passenger who is my fosma's sister.  She was in Kuching for the Hari Gawai Dayak holiday.  As usual our trip took about 10 hours.  We left Kuching around 10.oo am and arrived Bintulu around 8.oo pm.  The whole journey was fine and and we did not encounter any rain.  This dryness could be due to the fact that the month of June is always one of the hottest months in Sarawak.
Below are snapshots of the journey.

Mama Daisy taking a pit stop at Selangau  rest area.

Mama Daisy having a good nap on my ass!

Two of us all squeezed up.

View as we approach the town of Sri Aman
Fospa took another long shot view of the Cassia javanica tree by the highway at Roban.  The flowers are beginning to blossom all over the end branches.

Mama Busy Sleeping

Mama likes to sleep on the cod concrete floor in the afternoon.