Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday Prayers

Yesterday( 30 May) my foster parent left us to take care of the house as he journeyed to the city to perform the Friday prayers. Here is the entrance to the Indian Mosque facing the India Street pedestrian mall.

India Street Pedestrian Mall

On the way to the Indian Mosque is this pedestrian mall. Hundreds of small stalls line the street displaying goods,drinks,fruits and many more items.

Fashionable scarves

Is this the latest fashionable scarf? Is it not too gaudy? Or too plain? Hmm...there's so much to choose from. This seems to be reeling in the minds of potential customers to the shop above as they scan the the available choices. You can get a beautiful scarf for RM 15 at the Gambier Street bazaar in Kuching.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cuddled to a corner

This is another picture of how we were cuddled to a corner during the journey to Kuching. Facing the camera is Inul. I am wearing the necklace. Hopefully Einstein and Inul will get to see more of Kuching this coming trip.
Date taken: 22 May 08

Friday, May 23, 2008

Einstein and Me

Today (12 Feb 08) I had fun with a grasshopper. It's green and BIG.

Just after two weeks old, Einstein has not got any tooth yet. Well, not to worry coz there's always mother's milk to depend on. You need not go out hunting for food ,dear brother.
Date taken: 12 Feb 08

New Shopping Experience in Kuching

On this trip, something great happened in Kuching city. There is this new shopping mall ( so far the biggest in Kuching) that was opened to the public. Here's a peep at one of the chic outlets there. This shopping mall called "The Spring" caters for the medium to high end customers who don't mind paying more for quality.
Date taken: 10 Feb 08

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow, It's air conditioned .

Today(22 May 08) we are back on the road again ." OK, said mama Daisy. Hop on the bandwagon kids . We are going to continue our saga." This will go down in history as my 7 th trip back to Kuching. Fortunately The Ford Ranger is air conditioned. That saved our day. Throughout the journey to Kuching the weather was dry, hot and very sunny. In Sarawak this is the season for dry weather. Inul, well she's all tears at the start of the journey. After 40 minutes she got tired of it all and slept. Einstein was very sporting. He doesn't bother a bit about the long journey. If he decided to sleep, he'll just find a comfortable spot and within minutes slept like a log. Daisy has by now been so accustomed to travelling that she's taking it easy. After all we are all grown up kids now!. As for me, I have always been a quiet nice little
girl and my foster parents love me like sugar.
We left Bintulu at around 10.30 am and arrived Kuching at 7.30 pm.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inul after a lizzard

I saw Inul jumping suddenly onto a tree trunk this morning. She's indeed fast to catch a butterfly or in this instance a jungle lizard. Then she jumped down and zoomed into the house with the catch in between her teeth. For almost an hour she was busy playing with the lizard on the rattan mat. I am more the gentle girl type of cat. Therefore, I just watched her play.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spider Cat

It's a Spiderman Cat. Einstein is curious, naughty, daring, agile and stamina all rolled into one.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

That looks like Greek to me

I am rather confused! There are some wordings on the signboard. But they sure look like Greek to me!!@##^???
Date taken: 1 Feb 08

Jam at Sibu town

We left our Bintulu house at around 9.30 am this morning . The journey to Sibu would normally take two and half hours. This time we are extra careful because there are babies on board. There was a long traffic jam as we enter Sibu town. Reason being, it's Chinese New Year shopping season.
Date taken: 1 Feb 08

Einstein on the road

Wow, look little Einstein is just about a week old and is already on the road. Well, I told you that we are going to create a new Malaysian record. Before it was just me and Daisy. Wow, it's great that little Bro is joining us in this attempt of a life time. Join the fun BRADA!
Date taken: 1 Feb 08

Daisy is looking good now

It has been almost a week now after Daisy delivered the two cute kittens, I now call Brother Einstein and Sister Inul. I told mama that I would like to show them Kuching city. Daisy replied that it depends on whether Inul and Einstein are physically strong and healthy. Probably next week. Meanwhile just be ready coz our foster parents have decided to spend their Chinese New Year holiday in Kuching which is sometimes in early February.
Date taken: 30 Jan 08)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunning out

Two days after Einstein and Inul were born, they were brought outside the house to be sunned.
They look very fragile still. But then there's plenty of sunshine outside that's not to be missed and clean fresh air for young lungs.
Date taken: 27 Jan '08

Inul and Einstein

Inul was named after a popular Indonesian dangdut singer who keeps trendy,colourful and unruly hairset !Yes, just like INUL. Never knew crying an be so , so cute!!!

This image must have inspired my foster parents to name my little brother, Einstein. Surprise, He's got white gloves and moustache!!!
Date taken: 27 Jan'08

The Next Day( 26 Jan 07)

Here's a picture for the record. Now, I am not alone. I have a little brother called Einstein and a cute sister named Inul. Here they are a day's old with Daisy.
Date taken: 26 Jan'07

Thrilled to touch

It is indeed a thrilling moment to see mummy giving birth. After both Einstein and Inul were delivered I tried to touch my little brother.Wow, what a sensation! He's got very dark and glossy furs.

Date taken: 25 Jan ' 07

Friday, May 16, 2008

O God, It's a Miracle.

At around eight tonite, mummy gave birth! It seemed so easy for her to deliver her newborn. This is Einstein, he came to the world first. And about fifteen minutes later, out popped Inul.

Here they are together in a paper box that was especially prepared for their delivery to the world.
Date taken: 25 Jan'08

Biting Daisy's ears

What makes me naughty today? Somehow I climbed over mummy and bit her ears. "Slowly dear" she cautioned me." I am pregnant you know". "You are a really my love", I told her.
Date taken: 24 Jan '08

Daisy is ready to give birth

This fourth trip we are waiting for a miracle. You see mummy is about ready to give birth any time now. I am so excited.*^*!!!!!

Inul, she's such a cute girl!

While I was sleeping, little sister Inul came around to watch TV ( not in the pix) Anyway , she's such a nice girl now. Cute as well.
Date taken: 17 May'08

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here I am introduced to a Bulbul. Our farm has lots and lots of wildlife. Will talk more about them in future. This Bulbul was caught inside a trap meant for squirrels. Anyway , after the introduction and pleasantries, Miss /Mister Bulbul was released into the wild, where they rightly belong. Bye for now!


In Bintulu we are at an eco-friendly farm. That means as much as possible much of the original natural landscape is preserved for its bio-diversity and environmental conservation. There is minimal disturbance to site's topography. Here is a Tarzan Creeper, ya that's what I call it! You can literally swing from one tree to the next with it.

A cu ( close-up) view of the jungle floor created thousands of years ago. It's indeed a pleasure and pure fascination to see such a scene these days behind your house .

Fruit Trees at the Farm

This is a Lumok Tree. We have plenty of this kind of tree at the farm. This month of December , we are lucky coz a couple of these trees are bearing good fruits. This tree must have been in the farm for at least fifty years now. The tallest here are about 35 meters high!

The above picture shows a plateful of chempedak fruits. They are soft and sweet. It has a big seed that can be boiled and eaten as a snack. Hmmm...they do taste good and very filling too.
Wow, here's a barrowful of lumok fruits. You need to climb the tree to pick up the fruits!! If they drop high , they'll just get crushed because their skin are very soft.

Rainy December

December is a time of heavy rains in Sarawak and Bintulu is not spared. Here's a picture of the stream just next to our house at the farm in Bintulu. It gets flooded after an hour of heavy down pour.

Sanyan Bilding car park

This is Sanyan Building car park where we had a brief pit stop. From Sibu , it's another three hours journey by road to Bintulu. My foster parents are busy shopping and having a rest too at the watering hole inside Sanyan Building . I am so eager to be back in Bintulu. We are already seven hours on the road... wow, feels like jumping out of the car and into the building!

My 4th Trip to Bintulu

Today ( 19 th December, 07) I am on the way back to Bintulu again. This would be my 4 th return trip to Bintulu. Here is the unique signboard. No. 1 . This signboard indicates that the first town after leaving Kuching city is Serian, which is about thirty minutes drive from Kuching.

Home of the White Rajah

Historically speaking Kuching was once home to the White Rajah ( i.e. the Brookes family dynasty from Britain). This is a view of their Astana or Palace back then. Look the river is so still.

Front Garden

My foster parents love gardening. The moment they occupy this house they set their minds on making the front garden. They say" We'll do it the fun way. Bit by bit. No Hurry, ok". See that group of variegated bananas? They were brought all the way from Bintulu. And the grasses too!. Infact all the plants in this garden were brought from our nursery in Bintulu.

Here's to Loving You

" I love you , coz you cares, mummy." . Can we just stay longer in Kuching. The weather here is so much better than in Bintulu.

Sleeping on sofa

Yah, that's me . Guess what? I am sleeping on the sofa. Well, mother gave the the licence to do so ( provided I don't carry out toilet business on it). After a good morning run and play with this piece of crumpled paper I am so exhausted that I just lie flat on the sofa. Like my leopard spots? At this point of time, I am past two months old.

My caring mother

I love my mummy when she cuddles me. Back here in Kuching, mummy has lots of troube teaching me on good manners. Firstly, the toilet area is made for the shitting! Never do toilet business on this sofa "Never, Ever! Period". "We can have a nap on the sofa, dear. And have quality time like this. That's no problem!" Daisy reassures me.

Sibu Town

Today( 9December,07) my foster parent decided to bring me back home to Kuching. On the way we stopped at Sibu town . Here's a look at Sibu Tamu or local jungle produce market.

It's Gawai Season in Bintulu

This afternoon my foster parents went to Bintulu town shopping. Their attention were caught by this group on bantings in front on the supermarket at Medan Jaya. These bantings hail the coming of an annual festivity for the Ibans and other natives peoples of Sarawak. Come 1st of June , and it's gonna be a public holiday to celebrate this Gawai Dayak . Now I am not sure whether I'd be celebrating it in Bintulu or Kuching this time around.... as you know that's very much my boss's decision.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who wipes?

Einstein and Inul had a good time showing me how to use a toilet roll. Hanging on to the toilet shreds , they meowed to the tune of " Who wipes? " and " I can't stop loving you". Hey guys this will not go unreported!

Hard landscaping

Here's the concrete step where I used to rush over everytime my foster parent released me from the house to catch butterflies at the the jungle nearby. He has decided to create a small space by the steps and apply concrete over it. It would be provided with a garden furniture like a table and chair plus an umbrella. It would provide a convenient area for reading, writing or sketching, if not painting under shade a a view of the jungle close by. The above picture was taken on the 12 of May.

Today, 15th of May I got the first look at the completed hard landscape. I noticed that my foster parent felt rather tired this morning after finishing this project all by himself. Hmm....he's still energy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bintulu Fishing Boats

We have been around in Bintulu for quite sometime already on this 3rd trip. Soon I 'll be back to Kuching. However it would be unfair of me if I don't show you what Bintulu is famous for. Well, since time immemorial Bintulu has always been a fishing village. But today the fishing boats look modern and colourful. It's no wonder why my foster parent love to stay here. Guess it's the fresh fishes.

Hanging Basket

I didn't climb up here. It was my foster parent's idea of photographing me to look good. " It does feel good up here", that's what I am meowing about. Hear me?

At Our Farm in Bintulu ( Nov - Dec 2007 )

This is the access road leadig to our farm house. On both sides are lined oil palm seedlings.

A smaller version of the famous Rajah Brooke butterfly of Sarawak, picking up honey from the pagoda plant. They seem to make this farm their abode because they are every where and I love to see them.
It's raining outside. We recycle the rain water for cleaning, bathing and watering the plants. But this month of November and December we hardly water the nursery plants because on most days it rains.

Cold month of November, 2007

My mother knowing how cold the month of November can be is always there to keep me warm.

Paddy Fields

This month of November the longhouse folks are busy tending their paddy fields.