Thursday, October 8, 2009


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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Hunter in Me

What's in the Bushes? My tail's up!

Zap! Got you!!

The Hunter and the Hunted - My Prized Catch of the Day

Me and a tiny robin

Jet lagged after 18,000 km!!

Both me and Mama D get "jet lagged" after the 10 hours journey to Kuching. OK, the record now stands at 18,000 km. We really need the day off!! ( N.B. Picture taken a day after we arrived Kch i.e. 30/6/09)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to Kuching - 15th Trip ( Part 3 )

Below are scenes of the Pan- Borneo Highway. These are typical of the only highway from Kuching to Bintulu. This highway has served Sarawak over the last 20 years with major repairs and reconstruction done within the same time. Most of the stretches are lonely with very little 'commercial agriculture' being done to the lands on both sides of the Highway except for stretches of Oil Palm holdings or estates. For a quarter of the journey the weather was fine. However for about three quarters of the journey the skies were cloudy and there were many isolated rains we encountered throughout the journey from Sibu to Kuching.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to Kuching - 15th Trip ( Part 2 )

Scenes along the way
( Above : At Sri Aman rest area)

Selangau is a growing small town mainly due to the fact that it is the gateway to Mukah town from the Pan Borneo Highway. The Selangau - Mukah road is now under reconstruction.

Selangau is a convenient stopover after travelling about an hour and a half from Bintulu, mainly to cool off the tyres and engine.

At At the Selangay rest area while fospa & fosma had their cup of tea and coffee break. I too had a good look of the place and enjoyed our snack of barbecued tuna done yesterday at Bintulu.

For most of the journey I didn't sleep. However at times I took to the arms of fosma for comfort.

Back to Kuching - 15th Trip ( Part 1 )

On Monday, our car got ready to leave the farm. With everything properly packed and secured to last a 10 hours journey to Kuching. This is our 15 th trip back Kuching after about a month stay in Bintulu. Fospa was adamant, " Inul, we need to be in Kuching by the 1st of July. You see I need to pay my fees for the second semester, get my textbook early and do reading quickly to pass up the assignment by 6th July. OK! Hope in! Here we go!"
Mama Daisy having a last look at our home, looking sad to leave Bintulu as normally she does.

" Inul, look here! You're on candid camera"

There was a heavy rain at our home last night and the climb out of the farm may prove tricky as the slopes are slippery. Wells's that fospa's job to negotiate. I would as normal scream the loudest when the journey gets rough and bumpy up the slope :00))
More stories of this journey later in Part 2 and 3. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 29, 2009

MY Photo of the Day

Here's me looking chubbier each day.
(P.S. Inul at 1 Yr & 5 Months)

Sleeping on Edge

Mama Daisy showing off her special stunt of the day......Sleeping on Edge.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Me at the XRoads

Have been busy lately at the farm. Here I have the chance to sniff
the 'Ong Lumok' fruit or Buah Terap. My fospa adores this fruit. This one comes right from the farm. Have you been wondering what I did this holiday? I'm at the crossroads, high on air. Which way shall I go?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bintulu- Here we come!

On the 7th of Jun, we made our 15th trip to Bintulu.  With this trip we touched the 17,400 km mark.  On board our car was another passenger who is my fosma's sister.  She was in Kuching for the Hari Gawai Dayak holiday.  As usual our trip took about 10 hours.  We left Kuching around 10.oo am and arrived Bintulu around 8.oo pm.  The whole journey was fine and and we did not encounter any rain.  This dryness could be due to the fact that the month of June is always one of the hottest months in Sarawak.
Below are snapshots of the journey.

Mama Daisy taking a pit stop at Selangau  rest area.

Mama Daisy having a good nap on my ass!

Two of us all squeezed up.

View as we approach the town of Sri Aman
Fospa took another long shot view of the Cassia javanica tree by the highway at Roban.  The flowers are beginning to blossom all over the end branches.

Mama Busy Sleeping

Mama likes to sleep on the cod concrete floor in the afternoon. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's a Bird

Don't know the name of this tiny bird yet. I caught it today. Brought it inside the house to show Fospa. Fospa said " Inul it's still a kid. A very young kid. Theerefooree.....we just have to let it free". However before Fospa let it flew away he took this picture for posterity. (Hah..humans!)

14th Trip Back Kuching

Today I'm a bit playful (see inset). While playing around at the front door grille I almost fell down. I guess falling down is nothing for us cats. Hmmmm
So we are back in Kuching again. Fospa has been very very busy recently and thus couldn't take a break to blog about our 14 trip back Kuching. Well today is Sunday and fospa promised to do just that...have our story posted again. Below are pictures taken during the journey to Kuching. We left Bintulu around 8.45am and arrived Kuching by 7.00 pm. The whole journey was fine and the car's air-conditioning tip top.

Me, at my favourite jump seat. Mama Daisy slept for most of the journey.

It's routine now. Fospa took time to come close to the Cassia Javanica blooms at the roadside near Roban. He was so pleased because at last he managed to take a good cu shot of the blooms.

Mama Daisy sensing that Kuching is just another 30 minutes away decided to have a better view of the town of Serian. Here we've just passed the town of Serian . See the Durian Fruit Icon just slightly above Mama's head? Serian is the only town in Sarawak that has the Durian Fruit as the town's Icon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Inul at Play

Let me out of here , please.!

Caution: Playing in the net has its risk.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to catch a tree lizard

My Adventure Today:

-To Catch a Tree Lizard -

Act 1 : Strike with Paws

Act 2 : Bite with Teeth

Act 3 : Walk Tall on Paws

To Bintulu on 14th trip

On the 27th of April, we took to the road again to Bintulu making it our 14th trip there. The whole journey was fine and the weather throughout was cloudy. We left Kuching at 9.00 am and arrived at our farm in a bit of darkness around 7.30 pm.
This time around we broke the journey midway at the town of Sarikei. Fospa took the opportunity to take pictures of the Sarikei express boat terminal. We skipped the town of Sibu but had a good rest at Selangau, a small town between Sibu and Tatau. Selangau would be our last leg in this 10 hours long journey. The picture (inset) shows me and mama having a rest at the car park in Selangau which is near to a river. The picture of the river is shown below, too.

Sarikei Express Boat Terminal

Kids having fun swimming in the river next to the Selangau town.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm 1 year 3 months today

That's me when I was barely 2 days old ( see picture inset) . Today I'm 1 year 3 months old. So fospa gave me a special treat of TUNA MAYONNAISE.. for lunch. I had to share it with Mama Daisy too.

Now I heard fospa whispering to Mama " Get ready soon to go back to Bintulu. Hopefully if everything's OK looks like we're gonna hit the road on Monday.".

Fospa brought me outside on the porch to do a bit of modelling. OK,OK.. I know he's so keen to put me on the Internet. So guys just click the video below and comment whatever on my modelling.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catsy Art

Fospa came home yesterday and said " Can never hav enough of cats!". What he means?

One Cat
T wo Cats

Th ree Cats

F o u r Cats
Aha, secrets out! He has been visiting twoo many art exhibitions within the last few days in Kuching.
It made him itchy to produce catsy paintings for his next art solo.
'Wait, Don't forget to include us in the show,too' I meoowed.
One Cat - Ramsay Ong
Two cats - Stephanie Eng
Three Cats - Narong Daun
Four Cats - Sim Chiap Hin
End of Show

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

13th Trip Back Kuching

On the 6th of April, around 9.00 am we took to the road again to Kuching. This will be our 13th trip back Kuching and upon arrival the record shall stands at 15,600 km. Today as we left the farm, the weather was cool and a light shower accompanied us on the way out to the highway.
( Above Pic: Mama Daisy has last look at the nursery before we kick off the journey)
Below : I am about to miss my playground.

An election banner hoisted in the middle of the river? Strange but true.
At around 4.30 pm we detoured to a rural town called Lubok Antu. Fospa wanted to see the by-election festivities there. We got to see some interesting things from our car window. ( See the pictures above and below)
The road to town was decorated with flags, banners and buntings. We saw policemen busy carrying their duties. Their presence put people at ease. " Hi. we're cats. We dont't have to put on safety belts, do we?"
The big billboard shows how it is to be done. Fospa explains: If you like a candidate, cross against his party symbol. Make sure your cross is clearly and neatly done and draw within the box, or else your ballot paper is considered SPOILT ! "Well, I guess I need to do lots of practise with my paws to draw a perfect cross. Try me next time around."

Throughout the journey Mama Daisy was very cool. We didn't quarrel much. Thanks to fosma, we had soft cushion for our comfort.
We arrived Kuching around 8.30 pm.
Our fospa heard the evening news on TV. We heard him say: The party that placed the banner in the river lost.
What's that? That banner belongs to the opposition party.
Ok, Ok, enough of politics for now.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15,000 km and Going!

Mama Daisy takes long naps now. Her favourite place seems to be at the top of the filing cabinet.
I guess Mama must have very stressed from the last journey. I think I could be one of the reasons because at every start of the journey I would scream and move about in the car. But during the last trip I have improved on that behaviour. In less than 30 minutes I'm settled to my seat. Sorry Mum you may have a frightened kid, but I love you. On this 13 th trip to Bintulu our running record now stands at 15,000 km. Wah, Wah, ..Paws Up to Mama Daisy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Photo taking session

This is an early morning shot. My fospa hurried me for this photo taking session. I don't look my usual best. Still looking sleepy. The reason was, I'm 14 months 4 days old today and I need to have one good photo for posterity! Quick, the heat is on me!!