Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beauty Sleep

While all three of us were kept inside the house, Daisy was catching up on her beauty sleep outside. "It's cooler here , next to the water tank. And shaded. With landscaping too" , she reasoned.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A lesson in arithmetic

Start counting. Inul says " One,two,three, One Hundred!" Einstein continues," No, no, a Million". Isn't this called a millionpede? No, it is a Giant Millipede.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Inul and Einstein- Watsz Up Guys!

Einstein is always his handsome self. He's a killer with those gorgeous moustache. "See Mama, I am relaxing on this concrete floor. It's cool down here." Daisy reminded Einstein to rub his back sideways on the concrete floor. "No massage saloon here! D-I-Y",commented Mama Daisy.

"Hey, isn't your feet intruding the picture frame. I want to sunbathe alone", commented Inul. "Give Peace a Chance", Inul lamented.

Five days since we were back from Kuching , both Inul and Einstein are enjoying the Bintulu sun and pavement.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Feel Fine

Today(17 June) I am relaxing here in Bintulu. My wounds have healed. I can now begin to groom myself in this hammock . "Have a nice day, you guys down there!"

Sibu Town

"Mama watch out! Infront", shouted Inul. But Mama Daisy is busy telling my foster parent to stop coz the traffic lights are showing red. "Ok, we'll move on when the lights are green"retorted Daisy to Inul. We left Sibu town around 4.30 in the afternoon. By our normal standard of driving, it would mean another three hours at the wheels before we reach home.
Date taken: 15 June'08

Two White Doves

This sculpture is iconic of Sri Aman town. The road leading to Sri Aman town will lead one right to this public sculpture. "Aman" means peace. Thus the choice of dove to represent 'peace'.
Date taken: 15 June'08

Sarawak's rural scenery

This is how travelling through rural Sarawak looks like. The highway that stretches between Kuching to Bintulu ( 600 km) is a continuous span of trees on both sides. Some of them are planted but most are either forest reserves, national parks, or abandoned shifting cultivation sites.

We stopped over at Sri Aman town for our lunch break. Below I am given freedom to move about and check out everything is OK. Yes, so far so good. Hmmm...we have not lost any wheels. If that's what you want to know ,Sir.

Date taken: 15 June '08

Sun is up and we are ready to go

View from our kitchen door. Mama Daisy and Inul has woken up early . Looks like it's gonna be a fine day for travelling.
Date taken: 15 Jun'08

To A Very Special Person

Here's we , Macy Grey , Inul, Einstein and Daisy wishing Kak Mona Happy Birthday and Many Returns of the Day. Congratulations on your new job!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Biggest News of All

Here we are taking a group photo. We are relaxing on our foster parents bed before the big event.....

On the 17th of March, our mummy was sent to the veterinarian clinic at Mile 7 to have her ovaries removed in what they call as a castration operation. The picture above shows her still looking dazed after arriving home from the clinic. The cost of the operation was RM 60.oo

A few days later mama Daisy is looking better coz the wounds have dried and healed.

Happy again with mama after her operation. Mama is happy now . So are we.
Date taken: 15 March - 19 March'08

I am better now

My wounds are healing better now. Due to my fantastic body response to the castration response it would appear that we are going to Bintulu sooner,probably in a day or two after spending Gawai in Kuching.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I am Sick

I am sick today. This afternoon around 5.20 pm I was spayed.The operation was done at a veteranian clinic at 7 th Mile town. The top picture shows the section of my belly that was cut in order to castrate the ovaries. It must have been about three hours that I recovered from my unconciousness by which time I was in tender loving care of my foster parents. ( Cost of operation=RM 60 )

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A wet Gawai at Kampung Kuap

This is the view of Kampung Kuap where my foster parents went house visiting. This year the Gawai holiday is somewhat rainy. They had a good time meeting their relatives and friends there...recalling old memories etc. Not to mention a splendid karaoke session at Daniel's house. Notice the narrow and winding road that run through the kampung.

Sunday Market shopping

On Saturday ( 7/6) we went shopping at the Satok Sunday Market. To make life easier, we had a small trolley to carry the goods around. It is obvious now. There is less crowd at the market. Probably less by one third from the normal crowd due to recent price hike in fuel and its consequent inflationary impacts.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Front garden

Our front garden is looking better now. The grasses have almost covered the ground. The orange ixoras are very showy. Overall my foster parents are very happy with this front garden .

Foxy and Twelve Puppies

Look! Foxy and her twelve puppies. Yah, count it again. TWELVE!!!.
In a matter of minutes two plates of food were cleaned up. One is named "MILO" in the crowd above. Can you spot her? These puppies belonged to our neighbour, staying a few houses away.

Where we stay

This is just outside our bedroom. My foster parents are nature lovers. The walls are lined with rattan and planted with various plants to keep it pretty and cool at the same time.
Date take: 9 October 08

Visitors to the farm

We had visitors to the farm today ( 6/4/08). The two kids above joined their parents to see us. They were a very happy lot.
Date taken: 6 April 08

Einstein catches rat

Besides being a macho guy and handsome, Einstein is also a hero when it comes to defending our home. Here he shows his natural talent in catching a rat.
Date taken : 4 April 08

Jungle Survival Training

Einstein is looking confident. He's saying " See, feet's off and hands off too.. ya, ya, ya"

Poor Inul. She sure needs a helping hand. "Take me down , pleaseeee...."I don't know how to jump down yet".
Date taken: 3 April 08

Einstein becoming handsomer

Now we are back in Bintulu. Einstein is becoming more hansome each passing day.
Date taken: 3 April 08

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sibu Side Drains Overflow

Side drains throwing over its contents onto the roads as we approached Sibu town.

Our entry to Sibu town on this journey was somewhat halted . As we approached the town of Sibu, we noticed that the side drains water had overflowed onto the roads. This quite common phenomena in Sibu was caused by a minor flooding of the mighty Rajang River that passes by Sibu town.
Date taken: 13 March 08

Einstein's unique face

" Ok , I am beginning to hear you". Einstein is being informed by Daisy to get ready to be on the move tomorrow. Again? asked Einstein. "Yes, dear !"replied mother. We gonna be going to Kuching tomorrow!
Date taken: 12 March 08

Einstein's fighting gloves

How do you expect me to be friendly? I wear gloves everyday. Wanna fight? No, Einstein there are not gloves. There are your socks !!!@?!!%%^^&??????.( said me) " OK then I'll fight with my four feet!! " shouted Einstein.
Date taken: 5 March 08

Daisy Milking

Poor mummy. She's got to perform her most honourable of all jobs, without which we all will never grow.
Date taken: 5 March 08

An Eco- friendly farm

This is a good example of mixed cropping practised at the farm. For many reasons my foster parent prefers to plant various short term crops before the big oil palm harvest brings in the ultimate return. Here banana trees are planted close to the oil palm tree to act as initial shelter and a source of food for wildlife and also for their consumption, too.

All palm trees are tagged for record purposes.

Our farm is called 'Laman Kambatik'. Here my foster parent takes the trouble to create the farm's name on the hill slope, that is in topiary form.
Date taken: 4 March 08

It's a Bird.

Here's a bird. It is called a KRUAK. That's a Malay name for a water hen. Once caught it was ringed. Who knows when we shall see it the next time? Hey , it has been an experience to have met you said Einstein, after being shown the bird.
Date taken: 23 Feb 08

Einstein's Moustache

Wow, you have CHARACTER Einstein. Love your marchioness. Look! your moustache is a sure hit. Go Brother Go!!!

Ready? One...... Two....... Three . JUMP !!! ( Hey guys, FEAR factor is not in our vocabulary. Understand that early . OK . Sooner you'll find life very, very interesting.)
Date taken: 24 Feb 08

Happy to be back to Bintulu.

Today ( 17/2) we take to the road for a return journey to Bintulu for both INUL and EINSTEIN after visiting my birthplace. Well ,we managed to stay for about two weeks in Kuching city. On this trip both Inul and Einstein are barely a full month old. In the pixabove, we are taking a lunch break. We left Kuching at about 9.00 am and arrived Bintulu around 6.30 pm. Safe and sound.

OOPPPsss.....Einstein ! Inul ! you need to look at the lens fellas. You got to learn a bit of etiquette here. It is spelled E T IQ U E T T E. And that's ENGLISH.

Inul, she's scared of height! Or crying " Don't cry for me Argentina"..Well , learn to smile little sister. After all I am here to comfort you. Show your natural bravery, OK.
Date taken: 17 Feb 08

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Astana

My foster parent has recently fallen in love with photography. While on the move, he's perpetually a samurai fighter, ready to unsheathed his hand phone from his left waist. Here's a look at the Astana. This piece of architecture never fails to receive the attention of tourists or visitors to Kuching. Representing the nostalgic days of the 'White Rajah's rule' over Sarawak in the nineteenth century, it is now home to the Governor of Sarawak.
Date taken: 31 May 08

Monday, June 2, 2008

Watching Einstein Sleep

I helped pulled the sheep skin rug over Einstein's face to prevent the direct sunlight outside interfering his afternoon nap. Little brother Einstein loves an afternoon nap. Can't live without it. By the way, the sheep skin is an original from Australia.

I notice now that Einstein has become a tough guy. He's becoming more muscular and macho each passing day. Einstein is now four months old. And as for me, I'll be eight months old very soon.

Date taken: 31 May 08

Signs and Sighs!

Despite the prohibition on trading by the pedestrian mall ( see the yellow signboard in the background), traders have taken a blind eye to the notice. This street was formerly a throughfare for vehicles. But its value as a trading arena has tremendously improved when transformed to a pedestrian mall.