Thursday, April 24, 2008

6 th Trip to Bintulu

Just as we were about to leave our house in Kuching to be on the road again , my foster parent whisked his camera phone to take a picture of our small garden plot. It is interesting to note that the plants for this garden were all transported from Bintulu. By the way my foster parents are nature lovers. They really look energised when working with plants.

Back to Kch on 6th Rtn Trip

I am on top of the head rest. In front facing the camera phone is Inul. This picture is taken on our last pit stop- Serian. On this sixth trip I had a total of about ten days stay in Bintulu.

7th Rtn Trip to Bintulu

Inside our Travelling Van. We were kept in position, while foster father was busy photographing the statues outside.

An interesting display of statues of native figures located alongside the highway.

Little sister INUL sleeping tight next to mummy. Mama Daisy has to be covered in wet towel to keep her nice and cool against the heat. On this journey to Bintulu the weather was cloudy throughout. But due to the fact that the van is non-air conditioned, the heat can be unpleasant nevertheless.

Monday, April 21, 2008

See my leopard spots

This is the other side of me you seldom see. My foster parents love my leopard spots.

Sleeping on top of mother! Oh what da heck! who cares!

Discovering My Home

On this second return trip to Bintulu, I have more time discovering the ins and outs of our garden home . Here I chase my own shadows. Wow, is it me really on the floor?
While my foster parent aren't around, I sneaked into the hand bag.

How nice to have fun and games with mother.

Second Return Trip to Bintulu

On this 2nd trip to Bintulu, my mother promised me that we will have more time to spend in Bintulu. This is me on 20th October 2007, at Sri Aman rest area. Well, there will be more stories about me in Bintulu coming soon!

First Return Trip - back to KCH

Sibu was a convenient stopover on this long journey by road back to where I was born. This is a picture of the car park just in front of where we had our lunch break. The journey from Bintulu to Sibu would normally take three hours, though some can do it in half an hour less. But considering there was me, the special baby on board, my adopted parents gave it a cautious three hour drive. Thanks pal. I mean God Father!

I had only two full days of stay in Bintulu when my mother said" Hey gal, tomorrow we are on the road again". She said sorry as she whispered in my ears. You got to understand this family. We are out to create a new Malaysian record. So be on alert. This is me at a Sri Aman rest stop, looking fragile. Today is the tenth of October and the reason we had to jump into the car was that we are gonna spend our Hari Raya Puasa in Kuching.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Macy, 2 days old

Sorry, no pictures of my delivery. But, this is hazardous. Learning to climb up Mount Everest for my milk. I was born in Kuching on 2 nd October,2007. However my adopted parents only knew of my existence when they returned home from ( guess what?) shopping.
Date taken: 4 October 08

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My! this is me 5 days old.

You would'nt believe it. Just five days old and my mother was keenly interested to bring me to Bintulu, to see the town where she was found on the road and picked up by my adopted parents. Hmmm, interesting family tree. Don't know yet whether the climate in Bintulu is comfortable. So far I like the Kuching's weather. Well this is the start of my adventure of a life time. "Whiskas" what's that ?
Date taken: 7 October 08

Most travelled cats in Malaysia

This is me - Macy Grey. This blog is about me and my mother, Daisy and a brother called Einstein and a little sister named Inul. We are intending to create the Malaysian record for the most travelled cats in Malaysia. This blog will document our travel as well as the quality time we spent when not travelling.