Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm 1 year 3 months today

That's me when I was barely 2 days old ( see picture inset) . Today I'm 1 year 3 months old. So fospa gave me a special treat of TUNA MAYONNAISE.. for lunch. I had to share it with Mama Daisy too.

Now I heard fospa whispering to Mama " Get ready soon to go back to Bintulu. Hopefully if everything's OK looks like we're gonna hit the road on Monday.".

Fospa brought me outside on the porch to do a bit of modelling. OK,OK.. I know he's so keen to put me on the Internet. So guys just click the video below and comment whatever on my modelling.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catsy Art

Fospa came home yesterday and said " Can never hav enough of cats!". What he means?

One Cat
T wo Cats

Th ree Cats

F o u r Cats
Aha, secrets out! He has been visiting twoo many art exhibitions within the last few days in Kuching.
It made him itchy to produce catsy paintings for his next art solo.
'Wait, Don't forget to include us in the show,too' I meoowed.
One Cat - Ramsay Ong
Two cats - Stephanie Eng
Three Cats - Narong Daun
Four Cats - Sim Chiap Hin
End of Show

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

13th Trip Back Kuching

On the 6th of April, around 9.00 am we took to the road again to Kuching. This will be our 13th trip back Kuching and upon arrival the record shall stands at 15,600 km. Today as we left the farm, the weather was cool and a light shower accompanied us on the way out to the highway.
( Above Pic: Mama Daisy has last look at the nursery before we kick off the journey)
Below : I am about to miss my playground.

An election banner hoisted in the middle of the river? Strange but true.
At around 4.30 pm we detoured to a rural town called Lubok Antu. Fospa wanted to see the by-election festivities there. We got to see some interesting things from our car window. ( See the pictures above and below)
The road to town was decorated with flags, banners and buntings. We saw policemen busy carrying their duties. Their presence put people at ease. " Hi. we're cats. We dont't have to put on safety belts, do we?"
The big billboard shows how it is to be done. Fospa explains: If you like a candidate, cross against his party symbol. Make sure your cross is clearly and neatly done and draw within the box, or else your ballot paper is considered SPOILT ! "Well, I guess I need to do lots of practise with my paws to draw a perfect cross. Try me next time around."

Throughout the journey Mama Daisy was very cool. We didn't quarrel much. Thanks to fosma, we had soft cushion for our comfort.
We arrived Kuching around 8.30 pm.
Our fospa heard the evening news on TV. We heard him say: The party that placed the banner in the river lost.
What's that? That banner belongs to the opposition party.
Ok, Ok, enough of politics for now.