Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mean me!

Anybody who comes in here without any appointment will face mean me!

Inul - Show of Strength

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Caught a Pipit

Caught a pipit. Brought it into the house. However while indoors, it left the clutch of my paws and tried to fly away. On seeing it my fospa brought it outside and let it free....there goes my baby :(

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'Kuching' manners

Here at Kuching. And look at our Kuching manners! Mama Daisy keps reminding me, " That corner spot is reserved for me, Inul".

And the study room sofa bed is Mine!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Playful cats in bronze

This is a picture taken yesterday by my fospa at the Kuching waterfront area. He told me that one day he'll bring me to the place to have my picture taken next to them. I don't know whether I like to coz the cats there look so much bigger than me. Anyway he told me that this city got its name from ..Cats! No joke, 'Kuching' is the Malay word for cat. So, here at the waterfront they have displayed this group of playful cats in bronze sculpture. Just wonder, How will I be remembered?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Much Rain

Scenes Along the Way
Or what happens when nature does that extra work.

A large piece of road had slipped away and a diversion done to help traffic pass by. We saw this at a location somewhere between Bintulu to Tatau, roughly 20 minutes from the start of our journey. " Look behind me at the top left hand corner. WYSIWYS. What You See Is What You See. A yellow bulk cement truck had slipped into the ravine!

A cat's view taken from the Tatau bridge, 40 minutes drive from Bintulu. The waters from the Tatau river has overflowed and the nearby kampung got too much water in return. Poor kampung folks need to use a boat to work for a change.

All photos taken on 2 February, 2008.

11th Trip Back Kuching

Today ( 2 Feb) we are on the road again. This is our 11th trip back Kuching for Mama Daisy at least. She's the one who started this epic journey. We left Bintulu at 10 am. On the first 30 minutes leg of the journey I was nervous and panicky because to enter the main highway we had to pass through our damaged farm road and tricky hill slopes that have been badly damaged by the heavy rains of late. Nevertheless Mama was there to comfort me as always, licking my neck.

Best seat for me!

Mama takes much needed rest.

At Betong Rest Area our fospa and fosma had tea and coffee respectively at the canteen there.

Mama soon to enjoy her packet of tuna. "Not to forget me,please".

Sleeping Time

Our team arrived Kuching at 8.30 pm in slight rain thus making a total of ten and half hours journey.
On this trip we gained another 600 km. Our cumulative record now stands at 13,200 km.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stray cats

Give me some?
This morning my fospa went to town to send the car for servicing. The reason being, tomorrow we'll be on our way to Kuching city. Fospa told me," You know, Inul I saw two stray cats that came by my table while I was having lunch in town. They looked cute but hungry." Lucky enough my fospa handed over some fish heads to them. Then away they went.