Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15,000 km and Going!

Mama Daisy takes long naps now. Her favourite place seems to be at the top of the filing cabinet.
I guess Mama must have very stressed from the last journey. I think I could be one of the reasons because at every start of the journey I would scream and move about in the car. But during the last trip I have improved on that behaviour. In less than 30 minutes I'm settled to my seat. Sorry Mum you may have a frightened kid, but I love you. On this 13 th trip to Bintulu our running record now stands at 15,000 km. Wah, Wah, ..Paws Up to Mama Daisy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Photo taking session

This is an early morning shot. My fospa hurried me for this photo taking session. I don't look my usual best. Still looking sleepy. The reason was, I'm 14 months 4 days old today and I need to have one good photo for posterity! Quick, the heat is on me!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to Bintulu

On 24 March'09, we were back on the road again. This is our 13th trip to Bintulu.

Weather wise, fine and cloudy for most of the journey. Above pix shows the entrance to Sri Aman town where we dropped by for lunch break. The harvesting time was almost done as we drove on this journey through the whole length of Sarawak countryside from Kuching to Bintulu. The padi fields looked brown and abandoned after the harvesting period.

We parked our car at the town's green space where hawkers were seen displaying their jungle produces under the shade of large angsana trees.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our front garden

Sunset as viewed from our front garden. See the mountain in the distance?

On this trip we see our front garden is becoming more beautiful. Fospa has added a variegated yellow croton to the planting design.

Mama Daisy having an afternoon nap at the front garden.

I too would like my picture taken ,please!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama is angry

Fospa disturbed Mama and she became angry a bit. 'One more finger and I'll bite' she warned.

In the shade

Today the weather was extremely hot. While fospa was busy gardening, I was busy supervising from under the shade.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cats For Thought

Funny thing. Humans find it very difficult to move in or out of their modes of thinking. Here's a catsy way of doing it.
First, Mama Daisy illustrates what is meant by ' Thinking Outside the Box'.

Secondly, I show ' How to think inside the box'.
Note: Whoever attempts to follow the above modes of thinking the catsy way, do at their own peril. Happy Trying.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Pictures of Sibu

On this 12th trip back to Kuching, while having a pit stop at Sibu our fospa was busy walking around the town to snap more pictures of Sibu. Below are some:

A Trishaw still in used to carry goods.

The Sibu Multi-Storey Car Park looking more like a corporate building or a bank!

CU of live poultry wrapped in newspapers. A practice peculiarly Sibu.

The Sibu waterfront scene . Here long express boats are moored at the pontoon wharves.

12th Trip back Kuching

How we travell?
Mama Daisy like to sleep most of the time when travelling these days.

My favourite seat is the jump seat.

OOps1 I'm caught on candid camera!
Sibu town and its attractions

Speed boats waiting for passengers.
We stopped for lunch at Sibu town, after a three hours journey from Bintulu. Our favourite rest area is the Sibu Multi-Storey Car Park area. It is a big complex that includes the Sibu Central Market.

Sibu Central Market

At the Sibu Central Market, live poultry are wrapped in newspapers for easy weighing and carrying home if you decide to buy one just in case.

On this trip, the Sarawak rural landscape was washed with golden yellow and ochre because it's harvesting time. All along the highway to Kuching the Ibans are the main cultivators of paddy, be it the hill padi or the wet padi. In the distant as can be seen in the picture above are Iban longhouses.


I saw this one morning. It is really a wonderful camouflage. The toad seemed part of the ground. And what frightening eyes??!! But they are at the back!!

So this black cat came to visit us one day. It's a tomcat. But I was scared stiff to play with him.

However, fospa was generous and gave him a heavy lunch, which made him sleep very soundly later. Must have been very hungry before he popped at the back door!!!

12th Trip to Bintulu in Pictures

Just entering the main Pan Borneo Highway, on 3rd March,2009. Time: 9.00am . Mama Daisy looking not happy (:
We had lunch at Saratok town,under a big tree. Me at the Saratok petrol kiosk.
We Were Here!

Entrance to Serian Town

The Saratok District Office built in 1888.

Timber trucks having break at Selangau pit stop.
We arrived Bintulu at 7.30 pm.
On this 12th trip to Bintulu, we add another 600 km to our record, thus our cumulative record now stands at 13,800 km.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting ready

In Kuching this time around. I'm now 1 year 1 month old. Today I was told that soon we'll be on the road again . The trip is planned on the 3rd of March. My foster parent's daughter will join in the trip. Here she plays with my paw. And I kind of like it too.