Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow, It's air conditioned .

Today(22 May 08) we are back on the road again ." OK, said mama Daisy. Hop on the bandwagon kids . We are going to continue our saga." This will go down in history as my 7 th trip back to Kuching. Fortunately The Ford Ranger is air conditioned. That saved our day. Throughout the journey to Kuching the weather was dry, hot and very sunny. In Sarawak this is the season for dry weather. Inul, well she's all tears at the start of the journey. After 40 minutes she got tired of it all and slept. Einstein was very sporting. He doesn't bother a bit about the long journey. If he decided to sleep, he'll just find a comfortable spot and within minutes slept like a log. Daisy has by now been so accustomed to travelling that she's taking it easy. After all we are all grown up kids now!. As for me, I have always been a quiet nice little
girl and my foster parents love me like sugar.
We left Bintulu at around 10.30 am and arrived Kuching at 7.30 pm.

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mOna said...

Inul, the cry baby.