Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy to be back to Bintulu.

Today ( 17/2) we take to the road for a return journey to Bintulu for both INUL and EINSTEIN after visiting my birthplace. Well ,we managed to stay for about two weeks in Kuching city. On this trip both Inul and Einstein are barely a full month old. In the pixabove, we are taking a lunch break. We left Kuching at about 9.00 am and arrived Bintulu around 6.30 pm. Safe and sound.

OOPPPsss.....Einstein ! Inul ! you need to look at the lens fellas. You got to learn a bit of etiquette here. It is spelled E T IQ U E T T E. And that's ENGLISH.

Inul, she's scared of height! Or crying " Don't cry for me Argentina"..Well , learn to smile little sister. After all I am here to comfort you. Show your natural bravery, OK.
Date taken: 17 Feb 08

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