Friday, August 1, 2008

We are on our way back to Kuching!

We left Bintulu at about 9.40 am yesterday (Thursday,31st July). The car airconditioning was perfect. It was so cold that at times we cuddled against each other to get more warmth ( Einstein has found his favourite sleeping haven on the passenger seat and is not seen in the pix) We are happy to be at the jump seat .
From here I get to see a frontal view of Sibu town. Well, that's Eden Inn on the left.
We had a pit stop at Sibu town for lunch. On the menu was Tuna and Salmon. Hmmm...tastes excellent.
The above is a picture to show the extent of Sibu Central Market. I think it is the biggest market in Sarawak. Even Kuching, the capital city doesn't have one so huge like this.
On this return trip back to Kuching, we did not encounter any single drop of rain. Totally dry and sunny throughout the length of the journey.
Here's me taken out for a short photo session. I had a picture taken at this same spot when I was a tiny little kitten months ago :)

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