Monday, October 20, 2008

10 th trip to Bintulu.

We had a pit stop at Sibu town's central market on this 10th trip to Bintulu (19th October).
But my foster parents kept quiet for almost the whole 9 hours drive from Kuching to Bintulu.
It's sad that during this Hari Raya trip, Einstein didn't return home . We missed him very much.  Then Macy Grey escaped out from the car as we were about to leave the house gate without our knowledge.  By the time we entered the main traffic lights junction to the Kuching-Bintulu highway ( about five minutes drive from the house) we discovered Macy Grey was not in the car. We rushed back to the house to look for her. But to no avail.
We miss them both.  We hope and pray that by the next time we're back in Kuching somehow they will be back with us. We pray for their safety and return.
P.S. LOVE from me, INUL.

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