Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catsy Art

Fospa came home yesterday and said " Can never hav enough of cats!". What he means?

One Cat
T wo Cats

Th ree Cats

F o u r Cats
Aha, secrets out! He has been visiting twoo many art exhibitions within the last few days in Kuching.
It made him itchy to produce catsy paintings for his next art solo.
'Wait, Don't forget to include us in the show,too' I meoowed.
One Cat - Ramsay Ong
Two cats - Stephanie Eng
Three Cats - Narong Daun
Four Cats - Sim Chiap Hin
End of Show


CT said...

Thanks for sharing...I like The Three Cats by Narong Daun:)

Moochiku said...

Pak, ask mami to check this out..


Al-maklum la udah start kelas ya, sikda lagik updates on Daisy and Inul .. :(