Saturday, September 20, 2008

Einstein's climbing prowress

Einstein tries to reach the very end of the slender branch to show his climbing prowress.  When I screamed from below, he answered back " If I don't blow my horn, who will?"
Unfortunately for Einstein, he got stuck on the tree. " Sis, please bring over the ladder. I don't know how to get out of this tangle. It's real jungle up here." I dashed into the house to inform our foster parents. Within minutes a ladder was brought over and our foster parents brought Einstein safely down the tree.   When I quizzed him later, he admitted " It's not easy to be a hero, Macy. But I'll try again". Then I reminded Einstein, " That's a trumpet tree*. You're not to blow your horn up there. Remember that! Try another tree." Einstein looked at me adoringly and with a flash of his handsome moustache said " OK, sis, I adore you. Thanks for being my mentor".
Note: * trumpet tree = tabebuiea rosea

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