Monday, September 29, 2008

Hooray! We gonna make it to the 10,800 km mark

Our 9th trip back Kuching in Pictures ( 27 Sept'08)
Me and Inul got da chance to sit and nap on my foster parent's lap, at the driver's seat.
Mama Daisy sits comfortably at the jump seat );
Sometimes we just prefer to be at the back seat where the leg room is bigger. Well you can say..HHmmm...
$usiness Class.
An arch which is not an arch?!!! The sign reads " Pintu Gerbang Sibu" literally translated means " Sibu Entrance Arch", but you cannot drive your car underneath it! Our car sort of swerve around it.
A short walk from the the Sibu Arch is this small park with the stone sculptures of the Chinese Zodiac animals.
Here I go, kissing the monkey.
Hey , Look here, You're on candid camera. That's me on back of a ram.
After Sibu town, we did not stop or take a rest at any of the smaller towns along the way. At Betong junction, nevertheless we stopped at the Petronas petrol kiosk to refuel and were offered free coffee.

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