Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Much Rain

Scenes Along the Way
Or what happens when nature does that extra work.

A large piece of road had slipped away and a diversion done to help traffic pass by. We saw this at a location somewhere between Bintulu to Tatau, roughly 20 minutes from the start of our journey. " Look behind me at the top left hand corner. WYSIWYS. What You See Is What You See. A yellow bulk cement truck had slipped into the ravine!

A cat's view taken from the Tatau bridge, 40 minutes drive from Bintulu. The waters from the Tatau river has overflowed and the nearby kampung got too much water in return. Poor kampung folks need to use a boat to work for a change.

All photos taken on 2 February, 2008.

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CT said...

Well...that's really bad:(