Monday, February 2, 2009

11th Trip Back Kuching

Today ( 2 Feb) we are on the road again. This is our 11th trip back Kuching for Mama Daisy at least. She's the one who started this epic journey. We left Bintulu at 10 am. On the first 30 minutes leg of the journey I was nervous and panicky because to enter the main highway we had to pass through our damaged farm road and tricky hill slopes that have been badly damaged by the heavy rains of late. Nevertheless Mama was there to comfort me as always, licking my neck.

Best seat for me!

Mama takes much needed rest.

At Betong Rest Area our fospa and fosma had tea and coffee respectively at the canteen there.

Mama soon to enjoy her packet of tuna. "Not to forget me,please".

Sleeping Time

Our team arrived Kuching at 8.30 pm in slight rain thus making a total of ten and half hours journey.
On this trip we gained another 600 km. Our cumulative record now stands at 13,200 km.


CT said...

They are soooooooo cute...I like the last picture ‘Sleeping Time’. BTW where is the picture of their ‘fosma’? I don’t have the chance to see her;))

Alette Siri Ane said...

what a journey you had on that road,tomorrow we are travelling home over the snowy mountains and a bit hard stuff,but as I se ther is always worse.Have a nice day

Mahmud Yussop said...

Hi, thanks for droppin' by. You have a gorgeous countryside and full of wilderness. Take care.