Sunday, March 15, 2009

12th Trip back Kuching

How we travell?
Mama Daisy like to sleep most of the time when travelling these days.

My favourite seat is the jump seat.

OOps1 I'm caught on candid camera!
Sibu town and its attractions

Speed boats waiting for passengers.
We stopped for lunch at Sibu town, after a three hours journey from Bintulu. Our favourite rest area is the Sibu Multi-Storey Car Park area. It is a big complex that includes the Sibu Central Market.

Sibu Central Market

At the Sibu Central Market, live poultry are wrapped in newspapers for easy weighing and carrying home if you decide to buy one just in case.

On this trip, the Sarawak rural landscape was washed with golden yellow and ochre because it's harvesting time. All along the highway to Kuching the Ibans are the main cultivators of paddy, be it the hill padi or the wet padi. In the distant as can be seen in the picture above are Iban longhouses.

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CT said...

Thanks for the info...did your fospa buy any chickens for you?