Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15,000 km and Going!

Mama Daisy takes long naps now. Her favourite place seems to be at the top of the filing cabinet.
I guess Mama must have very stressed from the last journey. I think I could be one of the reasons because at every start of the journey I would scream and move about in the car. But during the last trip I have improved on that behaviour. In less than 30 minutes I'm settled to my seat. Sorry Mum you may have a frightened kid, but I love you. On this 13 th trip to Bintulu our running record now stands at 15,000 km. Wah, Wah, ..Paws Up to Mama Daisy.

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CT said...

Paws up to you too Inul...next time I hope you could be a better girl:)