Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bintulu- Here we come!

On the 7th of Jun, we made our 15th trip to Bintulu.  With this trip we touched the 17,400 km mark.  On board our car was another passenger who is my fosma's sister.  She was in Kuching for the Hari Gawai Dayak holiday.  As usual our trip took about 10 hours.  We left Kuching around 10.oo am and arrived Bintulu around 8.oo pm.  The whole journey was fine and and we did not encounter any rain.  This dryness could be due to the fact that the month of June is always one of the hottest months in Sarawak.
Below are snapshots of the journey.

Mama Daisy taking a pit stop at Selangau  rest area.

Mama Daisy having a good nap on my ass!

Two of us all squeezed up.

View as we approach the town of Sri Aman
Fospa took another long shot view of the Cassia javanica tree by the highway at Roban.  The flowers are beginning to blossom all over the end branches.

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