Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to Kuching - 15th Trip ( Part 1 )

On Monday, our car got ready to leave the farm. With everything properly packed and secured to last a 10 hours journey to Kuching. This is our 15 th trip back Kuching after about a month stay in Bintulu. Fospa was adamant, " Inul, we need to be in Kuching by the 1st of July. You see I need to pay my fees for the second semester, get my textbook early and do reading quickly to pass up the assignment by 6th July. OK! Hope in! Here we go!"
Mama Daisy having a last look at our home, looking sad to leave Bintulu as normally she does.

" Inul, look here! You're on candid camera"

There was a heavy rain at our home last night and the climb out of the farm may prove tricky as the slopes are slippery. Wells's that fospa's job to negotiate. I would as normal scream the loudest when the journey gets rough and bumpy up the slope :00))
More stories of this journey later in Part 2 and 3. Stay tuned.

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Moochiku said...

Daisy .. grumpy by the year.. ehehehhe